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CREW Real Estate – Co-operative Real Estate Worldwide

With full-service brokerage excellence, we provide commercial, residential and property management services. We believe in working together with integrity for an exceptional outcome.

The goal of CREW Real Estate is to involve, commit, and succeed together. Combine your first home, your tenth home, your investment portfolio, a shopping center, an office building, and development land and keep it all in the family. Then have CREW and the agent that you choose, manage those assets for you.

The CREW platform is a duplicatable system, designed to grow by bringing together the expertise of owners, agents, support staff and most importantly clients. CREW brings together like-minded people and empowers them to invest and reinvest, as CREW supports the growth and stability of their success.

Crew Real Estate agents take the time to sit with you, explore what is unique, different and exceptional about YOUR real estate property and work diligently to market the appropriate buyer and/or seller with services specific to those needs. Everything from large industrial buildings to raw land, condominiums to vacation rentals, any size apartment complex, leasing needs and more.

Bridging the Gap Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate

We focus on properties that will add value to all involved. CREW offers a limitless array of possibilities for your particular needs. Every situation is different and needs special care and consideration. There isn’t a set template that is just a plug-and-play for all deals and transactions. We do a critical analysis of every deal that we undertake, with your best interest as our paramount concern.


CREWRE-Shellee Haines

Shellee Haines
Principal Broker

CREWRE-Shellee Haines

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Lincoln Bundy



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Chris Mathisen

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Lorene Holdaway


Not Your Average Brokerage

Established Network

We have been in the business for some time now. Our respected clients and connections are at the heart of our business

Central Location

Our headquarters is conveniently located right off the freeway and easily accessed from anywhere in the valley

Market Intuition

We follow market trends and understand the subtle nuances of where our market is yesterday, today and tomorrow

Hand-Picked Team

The team that we have selected is in place because of their innate and impeccable talent. We cover all areas of the market

Graphics Team

Our designers and GIS professionals have been in the business for over 10 years. They have a discerning eye, and strive for excellence in every way

Approachable and Understanding

We not only listen, we hear what it is that you are most concerned about. We make sure that you are taken care of. No exceptions