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Aubren Love

Agent at Crew RE

Aubren Love is a serial entrepreneur. In 2011 she founded Linkitz, LLC a children’s co-creation toy and accessory company and in 2012 co-founded Sidekix LLC.  Today there are toys from Sidekix still found online and in children’s bedrooms. She developed an entire line of products that she researched, designed, prototyped, tested and patented in 2012 and has been in negotiations for the purchase of the intellectual property by several distinguished distribution companies here in the U.S.

Aubren remains focused all the while she is researching and investing in product, medical, tech and media companies. Her passion goes well beyond helping people as shown through her actions!

Fully engaged with 5250 Ventures while leveraging Global DeFi, Cryptocurrency, NFT’s and Smart Contracts on the Blockchains while mining Bitcoin could keep her busy as a current enterprise.  However; Aubren is engaged in other verticals under her primary focus, The MAYAWAY.  Here we have divine Intentional Community(s), Education and Experiences, the Company’s Foundation, Retail (Café | Metaphysical shops) and Luxury Wellness Retreats and Rentals.  The essence of The MAYAWAY is to document a billion global #HeartPrint actions spreading increased love and reducing suffering around the World.

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