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Shellee Haines

Principal Broker/CEO, Founder at CREWRE

Shellee Haines is the innovative Principal Broker and founder of CREW Real Estate. As a real estate professional of 15 years she has negotiated the purchase, selling and management of major commercial properties.

Acquisitions of properties that are waiting to be resurrected to flourishing businesses with complex dynamics are building blocks in her business.

Shellee has extensive connections with engineers, contractors, developers, and investors and has the knowledge of the moving parts of property development.

She has strong community bonds and an understanding of environmental impact and dedicates her focus to improving areas for the greater good.

She relates to property owners as well as business owners and is talented at bringing the two together.  She has traveled extensively providing her the experiences with diverse cultures and demographics.

Bringing it all together from the ground up with the community in mind and seeing the trends of success that blaze the path to prosperous business projects are what distinguish Shellee as an instrumental businesswoman.  She is persistent in following through with character and being a venerable professional in the world of real estate where she works the art of bringing together the vital components of a project.

When not working she is an extreme cyclist and can be found on the golf course.

Shellee is propelling into the future with plans to expand property management operations, developing new properties and expanding CREW offices. With her passion for travel and determination CREW will be Global.

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